Roambi for Pharma

9/10 Of The Biggest Pharmaceutical Companies In The World Use Roambi

Many of the leading pharmaceutical companies across the globe rely on Roambi to deliver sales data into the hands of everyone who needs it, in the moments they need it most.

Roambi + Veeva CRM

The Roambi Analytics app can be integrated directly with Veeva, the leading CRM solution for the pharma industry. Combining these two applications provides a seamless workflow so reps can visualize critical pharmaceutical sales data from their CRM in Roambi.

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Streamline Call Preparation

Every day, reps need the right information to decide which doctors or hospitals to visit, what they need to prepare, and which solutions they are going to offer. Roambi provides that information in a simple, easily accessible way with data visualization on the devices they have with them all day long.

Engage Customers With Stunning Data Visualization

Using cold, hard data transforms your team from sales reps into trusted advisors and partners. With Roambi, pharmaceutical sales reps can fluidly engage customers and guide them through the numbers in a stunning, easy-to-follow experience.

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