Lite Enterprise
Analytics Yes Yes
Flow Yes Yes
iOS Yes Yes
Android Yes Yes
Windows Yes Yes
Analytics Views    
Card View Yes Yes
Cardex Yes Yes
CataList Yes Yes
Layers Yes Yes
PieView Yes Yes
Pulse Yes Yes
SuperList Yes Yes
Squares Yes Yes
Trends Yes Yes
Data Sources    
Spreadsheets and Tables
Microsoft Excel Yes Yes
HTML Tables Yes Yes
CSV Yes Yes
Google Spreadsheets No Yes
File Storage Systems
Box No Yes
Google Drive No Yes
BI Systems and Databases
SAP BusinessObjects No Yes
IBM Cognos No Yes
MSFT Reporting Services No Yes
Databases No Yes
Data Storage Amazon S3 Cloud Amazon S3 Cloud
Data Transmission HTTPS Encryption HTTPS Encryption
Secure Sharing Yes Yes
App Lockout No Yes
Report wipe No Yes
Roambi Analytic Recall No Yes
App PIN No Yes
File Expiration No Yes
User & Group Managment Yes Yes
File & Folder Management No Yes
Single Sign-On No Yes
Themes No Yes
Active Directory & LDAP No Yes
Customization & Branding No Yes
Audit & Reporting No Yes
MDM integration/deployment No Yes
# Devices/User 2 4
API Applications 0 10
API Calls N/A Custom
Roambi Automation Tools No Yes
Support Portal No Yes
Knowledgebase Yes Yes
Phone N/A 24/7 Toll Free
Response Time N/A 1 hour
Customer Success Executive No Yes
Monthly Use-Case Assessment No Yes
Quarterly Success Review No Yes