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Roambi Flow™ lets you easily create
rich, multi-touch publications that let you surround your analytics with context and
tell the story behind the numbers.

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Creating Roambi Flow™ publications is easy and fast. Using beautiful templates and layouts, Roambi Flow™ lets you focus on telling your story instead of worrying about margins, tabs, and formatting.

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  2. Add Assets
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    Drag and drop the interactive elements above to create a page.

Inspire Immersion

Roambi Flow™ lets you combine multi-touch navigation with rich interactive media from Roambi Analytics™, YouTube, Vimeo, images, and text to create a fully immersive experience for your audience.

PDF's are Dead,
Give Them New Life With Roambi Flow™

In minutes you can take PDFs from anywhere and turn them into an immersive iPad experience with multi-touch gestures, flipable pages, and rich media content.

You've Got Issues? Roambi Flow™ Solves Them

Seamlessly create, distribute, and manage new issues of your publication for your audience. Combined with powerful sharing and security features, Roambi Flow™ turns you into a one person publishing powerhouse!

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