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The Pulse of Your Business,
In The Palm of Your Hand.

Data is the life blood of any organization, and Roambi is optimized to get critical information into the hands of everyone, from the corner office to the factory floor in a form thats simple, engaging and intuitive.

True Mobile First Solution

Roambi is a unique blend of powerful analytics functionality wrapped in a simple, fluid, and easy to use mobile experience that makes data friendly to use and easy to understand. With an architecture that is optimized to publish and distribute data to thousands of users Roambi goes beyond traditional BI tools and power user oriented analytics applications to put data into the hands of everyone who needs it.

Featured Case Studies

Learn how some of the most innovative companies in the world are using mobile devices and Roambi to change the way their business leverages data.
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Logo Phoenix Suns

Basketball to Business: Bettering Business With Organization-wide Insight

"Roambi has helped take us to the next level with our data and it will continue to in the future."

Logo Agent Analytics

Training Estate Agents in the Property Industry

“Our estate agents are very easily able to share with a highly visual representation of what this area’s all about. Roambi Flow helps our estate agents tell a story to their clients.”

Sydney Airport

Improving Operational Efficiency with a Single Version of the Truth

“Roambi speeds up the understanding of cause and effect of and allows instant visualization of where there is the potential for increased asset efficiency.”

Mobile Executives

You’re always on the move, whether you're on a plane, or in an uber, running a business means running around. As the head of a department, or the head of a company, Roambi keeps you in touch with your business on the devices you use the most.

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For Field Reporting

The most innovative companies in the world use Roambi to get data out of HQ, and into the hands of people who need it most. From field reps and store managers to field techs and operators, Roambi drives better decisions and productivity in the moments they happen.

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Publishing Data Rich Content

Publishing and presenting data with Roambi Analytics and Roambi Flow helps you engage your audience, add more value to your content, and give commanding

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